Growing Up Hmong at the Crossroads DVD

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Region: Region 1 US (NTSC)


Four children of former Hmong refugees embark from their home in Minnesota on a milestone journey to trace their family history in Laos, Thailand and France. In their earnest search for their cultural roots, Justin, Joshua, Bella and Maipa open a door into the world of children born to former war refugees and what it means to grow up Hmong in the diaspora. A sequel to the award-winning Hmong Memory at the Crossroads, Growing Up Hmong at the Crossroads gives a glimpse of the unique struggles that the children of this generation work through to relate to their parents’ cultural heritage, to make sense of their historical memory, to construct and perform a sense of place in a community and in the world, against the backdrop of politically troubled times, increasing social anxieties and the global spread of xenophobic sentiments.
Directors: Safoi Babana-Hampton

Official Selection and Runner Up “Best Director, Documentary Feature” Award
Action on Film and Hollywood Dreamz Film Festivals
Las Vegas, Nevada
August 17-26, 2017

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