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A silver ornament made of three separate layers features a bold white Spartan helmet with text reading "we 'heart' MSU" on the upper right quadrant of a green heart. The silver ring layer reads Michigan State University 2023. The ornament is hanging from an artificial tree with colorful holiday lights on a shiplap wall in the background.Close-up of the 2023 We Love MSU ornament at an angle. The bottom layer is a lime green outline of a heart. The top layer is a silver ring reading Michigan State University 2023 blended with a forest green solid heart. The heart features a white Spartan helmet to the left of center and in the upper right, text reads "We 'heart' MSU". A silver cord is tied to the top. Beaumont Tower is in the background.
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Silver metal ornament on a white ribbon, cut in the shape of an atom. Text reads "FRIB: Facility for Rare Isotope Beams" with an electron reading "2022" and a metal ribbon reading "Michigan State University"Front photo of the silver FRIB 2022 Michigan State University ornament hanging in a decorated holiday tree.
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Gold ornament in the shape of a basketball hoop and backboard with a golden basketball about to go in. A dark green Spartan helmet is on the left, with athletic style text reading Michigan State Spartans 2019
Woman's torso wearing the green fanny pack with white Spartan helmet logo on her left hipWoman wearing the fanny pack as a cross-body bag, and holding the pack with her right hand.
Light grayish beige sherpa blanket with a green piped edge. In the bottom right corner, a white applique reads Spartans in dark green. The blanket comes folded in a square with a green gift ribbon.Close-up of the Spartans applique in the bottom corner of the blank, which is folded and laying on a charcoal couch
Hunter green cooler backpack with black straps and zippers with a white Spartan helmet in the center of the front pouch.Hunter green cooler backpack with black straps and zippers with a white Spartan helmet in the center of the front pouch.
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White baby socks with a dark green toe, heel, and tab on the back. On the top of the foot is a dark green block S, with a Sparty design on the bottom of the foot.
A stainless steel flameless portable bonfire kit with a MSU spartan helmet logo on the side.
A stainless steel, portable flameless fire pit with the MSU spartan helmet logo on the side.
Dark green pennant with faded white stripes. Printed with a Gruff Sparty Mascot and Michigan State
Dark green flag with a white Spartan helmet centered. The white pole has a hook for use on car windowsRear half of a white SUV with the Spartan helmet car flag affixed to the rear driver side window.

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