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A bottle of white nail polish next to a bottle of dark green nail polish, which is layered on a small sheet of 24 dark green Spartan helmet nail stickers.A woman's hand with all nails painted dark green, except the ring finger which is polished in white. The hand is holding the white nail polish bottle, which has a green label reading "Spartans" and "Made in the USA"
Cutout magnet in the shape of a block s, which is dark green with a white outlineA large magnetic Spartan block S decal is affixed to the rear passenger side of a black SUV.
Woman's torso wearing the green fanny pack with white Spartan helmet logo on her left hipWoman wearing the fanny pack as a cross-body bag, and holding the pack with her right hand.
Kelly green vertical hanging flag with a pocket for hanging along the top. Centered is a large block S with block text read "Michigan State" (one word per line)
A 3D chrome Spartan block S shines in sunlightA 3D chrome Spartan block S on the tailgate of a black SUV
Vertical dark green flag with a white Spartan helmet centered and a pocket along the top for hanging.

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