Michigan State University Rain Gauge



Add a calm-inducing focal point  in your landscape with a piece from our Radiology Healing Gardens collection.  This rain gauge brings together practicality and personality by combining a functional rain gauge with exceptional Spartan styling.  Rain gauges are a practical device to reduce the guesswork of how much water is likely to be in your garden soil for plants to use. 

Why Spartans love it:

  • Rain gauges are best used in the open where there’s nothing to obstruct the raindrops – a perfect location to showcase a Spartan statement in your landscape
  • Stake with round tubing to secure in ground and minimize impact of winds or heavy rains from blowing it over
  • Art design is made of steel with high gloss powder coated paint, “baked on paint”
  • Vial included with markings that measure rainfall in inches or centimeters


  • Stake is approximately 30” high made ¼” round tubing
  • Art design is 5-1/2” wide
  • Overall height is 35”

Proceeds from the sale of this item are used to support the MSU Radiology Healing Gardens, a calming environment for visitors, patients, students, and employees.

Color: Green
Content: Metal
Country of Origin: USA
Sizes: One size

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