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Woman's torso wearing the green fanny pack with white Spartan helmet logo on her left hipWoman wearing the fanny pack as a cross-body bag, and holding the pack with her right hand.
Rectangular art print with an illustration of the exterior of a full Spartan Stadium on game day. Additional fans linger outside the stadium by tailgating tents as the Spartan Marching band walks towards the stadium entrance
White rectangular towel with a dark green Spartan helmet printed in the center of the bottom half. Top left corner of the towel has a gold rivet with a clip. In the bottom are four green golf tees, four white golf tees, and a white golf ball with a green Spartan helmet printed in the center.Packaged version of the golf pack, with the golf ball in the top left, the tees in the top right, and the folded towel at the bottom.
Four-legged canopy tent. The canopy fabric is primarily dark green with the front panel featuring a white Spartan helmet. The panels that are perpindicular to the ground are white with the front panel reading Spartans in dark green all caps.

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