The Waters of Michigan

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The Waters of Michigan
David Lubbers
Dave Dempsey

Water: This book presents Michigan's greatest resource through the lens of a camera. One cannot think of Michigan without the image of water. Water as vast as the Great Lakes, as serene as the inland lakes, and as long and lazy or sleek and fast as the numerous byways that run between and among them. The Waters of Michigan is a tribute to this treasured resource of Michigan. Combining the vision of internationally renowned photographer David Lubbers with the stewardship focus of environmentalist Dave Dempsey, this collection presents a truly unique view and understanding of the waters of Michigan. Waters of Michigan is a call to all who know the state of Michigan to re see this wonder that is ours and to realize how precious and fragile it is.
From the Foreword by Governor William G. Milliken:
"I became governor of Michigan at a time when our awareness of the fragility as well as the beauty of water reached new heights. Only the strong collective public will for clean and abundant water enabled my administration to win reforms in state law that restricted or eliminated harmful pollutants and improved the quality of our beaches, lakes, and streams. In my last year in office, 1982, I convened a conference of Great Lakes states on Mackinac Island that brought public attention for the first time to the risk of Great Lakes water diversions and exports. Since that time, the leaders of the region have made commendable progress in fashioning protections against this threat. But we must remain vigilant and do more if we hope to conserve the Great Lakes for all time. We also must stop to appreciate and learn more about the character of Michigan's water. I hope this volume will enrich public understanding of Michigan's most precious natural resource. Michigan can fulfill its potential as a state and a people only by exercising responsible and principled water stewardship."
Foreword by William G. Milliken
Table of Contents
Water and Michigan's Destiny by Dave Dempsey
Water: What's Seen and Unseen, by David Lubbers
The Waters of Michigan, 1
Notes, 83
Photograph Index, 84
80 duotone illustrations, notes
96 pp., 10.00" x 12.00"
Cloth, $29.95

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