Mes Tartes

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Mes Tartes
The Sweet and Savory Tarts of Christine Ferber
Christine Ferber
Translated by Virginia R. Phillips
After the publication of the original French edition of Mes Confitures in 1998, Christine Ferber was chosen as France's finest patisserie. Now, in Mes Tartes, she brings together a new collection of her unique recipes.
Christine Ferber unravels a seasonal thread of ingredients to create an encyclopedia of truly wonderful tastes, invaluable advice, slights of hand, culinary tricks, and inventive and successful methods for insuring magnificent tart fillings and perfect crusts. In all, the book contains more than 130 previously unpublished recipes for sweet and savory tarts.
"...we invited pastry chef and jam maker Christine Ferber to our Connecticut television studio...were introduced to her first book on the subject, Mes Confitures, and have enjoyed many of her recipes ever since." - Martha Stewart
"In this book I explain the alchemy of the pastry, discuss the preparation of bonne crème à flan, crème anglais, crème aux œufs, and above all, I offer to lovers of fine food, ways to create new aromas and flavors." - Christine Ferber
Illustrated with color photographs
World English Language Rights
336 pp., 9.00" x 9.00"
Cloth, $34.95,

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