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Full-color Sparty mascot cutout, where the mascot is running toward and pointing at the viewer. At the top of his helmet, a loop connects to a metal zipper clip
Dark green apron with two deep front pockets at hip-level. Printed in white on the center chest is a large Spartan helmet
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Woman wearing the Spartan Strong face covering, which completely covers the lower half of her face.Kelly green face covering reading Spartan Strong in white block lettering with a green Spartan helmet in the center. The hems and ear straps are white
FRIB Logo Lapel PinFRIB Logo Lapel Pin - shop.msu.edu
Photo of a man wearing a navy suit and silver dress shirt with the dark green tie. The tie is patterned with white Spartan helmets.Dark green tie with a repeating white Spartan helmet pattern
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Image of a man wearing a Spartan helmet neck gaiter over his nose and mouth outside a campus building covered in ivyClose up of the dark green fabric showing the pattern of large white Spartan helmets
Michigan State Grid Tie
Michigan State Diamante Tie
Michigan State Check Bowtie

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