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Inflatable replicate of the full Sparty mascot, with a closed lip smile and arms crossedInflatable Sparty storage box reading "8 foot tall" Sparty.
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Diamond-shaped ornament with a silver cutout of the MSU Spartan Statue, surrounded by silver and white enamel snowflakes. Green border on the diamond reads Michigan State University in white with 2007 in silver at the bottom. "The Spartan" is in white script font at the statue's base, and a green ribbon hangs from behind the statue's head.
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Gold ornament in the shape of a basketball hood and backboard with a golden basketball about to go in. A dark green Spartan helmet is on the left, with athletic style text reading Michigan State Spartans 2019
Light grayish beige sherpa blanket with a green piped edge. In the bottom right corner, a white applique reads Spartans in dark green. The blanket comes folded in a square with a green gift ribbon.Close-up of the Spartans applique in the bottom corner of the blank, which is folded and laying on a charcoal couch
Dark green tote bag stuffed with groceries, including fruits, vegetables, and a large loaf of bread.Dark green rectangular tote with straps at the top that are secured along the length of each side.  Centered between the straps on the front are large white block letters spelling "MSU" over a white Spartan helmet. At the bottom is a recycling symbol with small text reading "Reduce. Reuse. Recycle."
Green cinch sack laying flat, with a large white Spartan helmet printed in the center. The cinch straps are blackGreen cinch sack stuffed full. Sack features a large white Spartan helmet printed in the center. The cinch straps are black
Green frisbee with a white Spartan helmet printed in the center. Around the helmet two arched lines read "Michigan" and "State" respectively

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